September Bookshelf

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!! (shhh, we skipped July and August, but that’s okay!!!)


  1. The Calculating Stars – I visited Emory in Columbus last week (hi, I miss you already!) and she grabbed this book when we were out shopping and told me to get it, so of course I got it! The book takes place in 1952, following the events after a meteoroid hits Washington, D.C. (where I am, gasp!) Elma York is the protagonist, a WASP pilot and mathematician who wants to earn her own spot on the moon.
  2. Circe by Madeline Miller – Circe was published over a year ago, but it popped back up on my radar when I heard it was going to be an eight-episode mini series on HBO! I’ve also been on a bit of a mythology binge lately, so it seems like this is the perfect time to read a re-telling on the original Greek myth!
  3. The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge – Keeping with my theme of mythology, Burge’s debut YA novel borrows from Norse mythology and tells the story of a girl named Martha, who can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes – an ability she did not posses until after falling from a tree and becoming blind in one eye. The reviews make it sound very spooky, so I am, of course, very very excited to read it!
  4. Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh – As weird as it might sound, I’ve also been on a sort of tree binge when it comes to the books I’m reading (it all has to do with a story I’m trying to write. Also, trees are pretty cool), and Emory recommended this one to me! Honestly, the cover itself was enough to grab my attention!!! The plot of magic forests, old secrets, and grappling with one’s past is an added bonus!


  1. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow – I’m super excited to read this for NetGalley this month! This book has everything I look for in a good Edwardian fantasy novel: a young ward, a strange mansion, a mysterious book, and – yes, you guessed it – a MAGICAL PORTAL!!!
  2. The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates – Another book that I’m super grateful to NetGalley for. This book follows a young enslaved Hiram Walker, who discovers his magical powers when they save him from drowning in a river. From that moment forward, Hiram decides to use his magic to escape his enslavement and then to rescue the family he leaves behind.
  3. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir – I’ve been WAITING for this book to come out for the better part of a year – queer skeletons in SPACE?! What more could a girl wish for?! Admittedly, I haven’t done too much research on this book because I want to go into it with a fresh mind, but I am very very excited for it.
  4. Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim – Goodreads compares this book to Project Runway, and I am 100% down for it. It’s about a young girl who must pose as a young boy to compete for the role of imperial tailor by sewing 3 magical dresses from the sun, the moon, and the stars.

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